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Frequently Asked Questions

In pharmacy these days, we really encourage generic drug use. Generic drugs are acquired and dated by Health Canada, which protects the public and watches out for manufacturing practices of all medications, including in both generic and brand-name drugs.

Prescription drug prices definitely can vary. I encourage everybody to compare prices and check around. It’s also really important to see what kind of value you’re getting for what you’re paying for.

It all depends on what you’re taking as the answer may vary from drug to drug, not just antibiotics.It’s a question that you should have answered by your pharmacist; because pharmacists are aware of any adverse effects that may result from drinking alcohol while on certain medications.If there is an issue drinking alcohol while on your medication, it will often be indicated on the label of your prescription, Strashok points out.However, again, if you’re not sure or you want to confirm, check with your pharmacist.

There are many situations, such as driving, drinking, eating, operating machinery, and exercise, that may be affected by a medication.

It is important that you know when your medication will start working, and what you can expect it to do. This way, you will be able to monitor to see if it is working, and take action if it is not.

Not necessarily or always. Remember that taking a new medication can come with some side effects, which is what may be causing the rash or stomach ache. Normally, however, your doctor and pharmacist will engage in a consultation with you to let you know about the logistics of the medication – how you should be taking it, and how it can affect you.